When to Hire a Photographer.

I have so many people tell me that they like the images I post of my kids on Facebook. Which I find interesting, because most of those images are not posed. My kids are dirty and mismatched. But it’s really life. And real life is beautiful. But not everyone can be a professional photographer and there are moments when you want to be a part of the image. So, I think that hiring a photographer besides just for family portraits, weddings, and senior portraits is a good idea. And that brings me to the question, ‘when should you hire a professional photographer?’

Well, in order to hire someone you have to be able to anticipate what moments you want to capture. Here is a list I have come up with.

When to Hire a Professional Photographer…

1.) When you want to document an event. Such as a birth, birthdays, graduations ceremonies, weddings…

2.) When you have accomplished something. Such as Wining a sporting event, learned to ride a bike, opened a new business…

3.) When you want something to be extra special. Such as anniversary, a date, a proposal…

4.) When your life changes. Such as beating cancer, after weight loss…

5.) When you do something awesome. Such as win an award, go sky diving, while on vacation…

6.) When you want to hold on to a moment. Such as  your babies smile, grandma’s last few days, the way your daughter’s hair is always in her face, your life with kids

7.) When you need to show others something. Such as advertising…

These are just some of my ideas. Its important to know whats important to you.

_CSC0432 copy

My son learning to ride his bike.


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