{When you have a snow storm, play in the snow}


When taking my son to pre-school on Friday I got in to a fender-bender. No one was hurt. But the front of my van is pretty banged up. My husband was understanding, but not thrilled about the cost of fixing the van or the fact that our insurance will probably go up. Here is Nebraska people are used to snow, but for some reason this last storm was all hyped up to be this “big storm.” But it was just a normal snow. However, My husband also got in an accident on the way home from work. We both have never been in an accident before and here we get in one a day apart. Where is the money going to come from? What are we going to do? How much is it going to cost? Can we afford it? So here we are totally freaking out. We decide to go scoop the driveway to get our minds off of things. We bring our kids out with us. And they are having a ball. Just a reminder that sometimes life is gives you a snow storm, but at least you play in it the next day. So I am hoping that this to shall pass and my be we can get a new car out of it.
Snow Day
by Lacy Marie Photography



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